Want to Watch a Movie? A Mind Movie that is

Have you been to the movies lately? You know, a big screen movie theater where you get good popcorn and soda. This picture is for the second. You’re in the film, sitting comfortably in your rocker chair, leaning back, starting from the big screen, dark and calm around. The film has just begun, what are your thoughts doing immediately? It starts to anticipate what will happen next, right?

Mind Movies Matrix

You anticipate who will get caught, who will get the girl, who will get killed, who will get saved. Your mind anticipates all the way to the end, if it’s a good, mind-capturing, interesting film.

What if the film is boring, boring, not fun, does not attract attention? Your mind says to heck with this, you are bored and might leave.

This thought feature is called MIND PROGRAMMING conclusions. You see, your mind always works toward conclusions. Conclusion based programming is an automatic feature built-in from the subconscious mind. What kind of results do you think your life will have if it is focused on boring, boring, endless without being exciteful like the film you just walked out of? You guessed it, a boring, boring, smooth life.

Have you ever thought about why my life becomes boring and boring and smooth? This is because that is the film that is playing in your head. As my old friend from Jersey used to say, “Hey Ford, you have to learn to manage your voice.” If you mind the sound of playing boring, boring, smooth films in your head, then that will be your life. Play right before your eyes, a boring, boring life. Nobody wants it right? So how do we change it?


The key to living a vibrant, full, action packed life is to get your mind to make a film of exactly that. If you can get your mind always in a state of excitement and anticipation of what is to come. Just like the movies you watch with your popcorn and soda, all relax and anticipate the next steps and conclusions.

If you can learn how to direct your subconscious mind to the mind of programming conclusions then you will control how you see the task at hand.

When you constantly and consistently anticipate that interesting, exciting conclusions of your life and focused on the results from where you want to be, then your life will be very interesting. On the other hand, if you focus on all your problems in life, and all your worries, and all the bad things that you think are in your life, that’s what a movie of your mind will give you.

So, if the human mind always works toward a conclusion, let’s make our MIND MOVIE one of joy, action packed, full of life where you want to go and reach.

Remember, your movie plays in your head. Is it boring, boring, not exciteful, walk-out from film theater type movies? Or is it interesting, full of anticipation of what comes next, eager to get to the final type of film?

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